R950 per bottle

  • Is a blended concentrated material designed to seal leaks in virtually any material.
  • Can be applied for leaks in the shell and works equally well in plumbing.
  • Will seal holes 3mm in diameter.
  • Will form a permanent seal.

A 1Liter Bottel can handle up to 80 000 Liter pool. Do not use in excess of 1 liter per 18 000 Liter water.

Delivery & Collection Options:
Collection in Pretoria
Delivery from PostNet-to-PostNet for R99
DHL Courier to Africa to be quoted on separately


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About Fix-a-leak

We have ten years experience in the South African Pool Industry market and came across various water loosing problems. Through the years we have tested and experimented with various product, none of which offers the ease and effectiveness that Fix-a-Leak does.

We saw the need in the market to target Pools and Spa’s that is constantly loosing water and pushing the boundary of the owner’s patients.

Fix-a-Leak is about taking the hassle out of “fixing a Leak”

Easy, Simple and cost effective method of addressing an unnecessary problem.

We simply wanted to create a platform where a client can place his order and have the product delivered to his preferred address. Allowing you to have a high in demand product available at a click of a button…


We got you covered

Swimming Pools


  • Is a blended concentrated material designed to seal leaks.

Spa & Jacuzzis


  • can be applied for leaks in the shell and works equally well in plumbing

Spas & Hot Tubs


  • Will seal holes 3mm in diameter
  • Will form a permanent seal


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Happy Customers

My pool was losing about 25mm per day as a result of a leak in the return line which ran under paving. I was reluctant to dig up the paving and decided to try Fixaleak. I was very sceptical about the product but it worked brilliantly. Ran the pool for about 8 hours after adding the liquid in the skim box and the leak stopped. Then left the pool for about 48 hours with no pump running before switching to normal filtration. It has now been two weeks and the pool is still not losing water.


My 42000L pool lost up to 4cm water level a day Fix-a-Leak worked like magic. Sealed leaks on unreachable return lines. Saved me R9000 that I was quoted for repairs which would have meant lifting deck/patio and digging up the pipes.


I was not sure of how to apply it and mailed the manufacturer who responded with a method within 24 hours. I used 2/3rds of the bottle and so far so good the pool level is holding steady. My pool was leaking in the 150mm mosaic band going from full to sitting on the plaster line in about 4 days, I filled it to apply the product and since then there has been no movement so all in all a very good result.


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